Seasonal Recipes by Buonissimo: October

What to cook in October? Here are Buonissimo’s best recipes of the month that you can choose from: Appetizers, First Courses, Second Courses, Desserts, Cocktails and much more.

Ingredients of the month of October

In the month of October there are some good and tasty ingredients that are worth including in fall recipes. This allows you to keep the taste and the freshness of fresh ingredients without having to resort to frozen foods, to create dishes of Italian culinary tradition specific to the period. The pumpkin is the ingredient symbol of the month of autumn, but there are many others that allow you to prepare October recipes with a unique flavour.

October appetizers

A very popular finger food to be used as an appetizer are pumpkin chips. They replace the classic potato chips in a bag because the pumpkin cut into slices and contain all the goodness of this typical October ingredient. Another typical ingredient of the month is i mushrooms: why not try wild croutons with porcini mushrooms for a dinner with friends?

First courses of October

With the onset of autumn comes the season of soups. They replace pasta-based first courses and you can make all kinds of them. For example, the cream of carrots and potatoes is a hot and tasty dish based on carrotsa vegetable that is usually eaten in October and potatoeswhich everyone always likes.

Seconds of October

With the cold, meals are enriched with flavors and taste and the meat is accompanied by side dishes of various types. Why not try a beef stew with potatoes and peas for a classic Sunday lunch? I peas they are legumes that are eaten in October and represent the basis of many recipes for main courses or single dishes, such as the omelette with peas and potatoes.

October sweets

Who said the pumpkin is it only good for soups and side dishes? There are many October dessert recipes that contain this very versatile ingredient, such as pumpkin tart or pumpkin fritters.

October cocktails

Also in the preparation of cocktail there are some recipes that are particularly suitable for month of October. An example? the Manhattan, a cocktail made with whiskey, red Vermouth and angostura bitters.

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