Seasonal recipes from Buonissimo: September

What to cook in September? Here are Buonissimo’s best recipes of the month that you can choose from: Appetizers, First Courses, Second Courses, Desserts, Cocktails and much more.

Ingredients of the month of September

When the heat decreases, seasonal ingredients increase in the kitchen! TO September everything starts again, including the harvest. Between verdure of this month there are chard, cabbage, cucumber, onion, beans, mushrooms, lettuce, eggplant, potatoes, rhubarb, radish, rocket, shallots and zucchini. For the fruiton the other hand, you are spoiled for choice: you can still find some watermelons, figs and mangoes, and you can also count on apples, melons, blueberries, blackberries, pears, peaches and grapes.


For a delicious appetizer in September try the calzoni alle chard, with a heart of chard, olives, and chilli, to be prepared in the oven. If you want to start a meal with adifferent salad than usualyou can’t miss the pink cabbage salad, an ingredient that is super fresh and healthy in September!

First dishes

Lo shallot it is not used to flavor dishes, but it can be the main ingredient of a risotto, as in the case of shallot rice, with a fantastic scent of aromatic herbs. If the heat gives way to the first cool of the season, then try the cavatelli with mushrooms.


Between second courses of September based on fish, swordfish with rocket is a fresh and very tasty dish. If, on the other hand, you are fed up with the lettuce a salad, stewed stuffed lettuces will surprise you!


Looking for one different strudel than usual for a tasty snack in September? Rhubarb strudel is a savory dessert suitable for all meals, both meat and fish.


Do you struggle to let go of summer? Enjoy it again with peach sangria, an alcoholic delight enriched with cognac and the vino. Do you find the taste of melon irresistible? Make the Jessica cocktail, with Keglevic Melon Vodka, Sherry Tio and pepper.

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