Shrimps, how to peel and fry

How easy and quick to peel shrimp and an easy way to fry!


First of all, we clean the shrimp, for this you need scissors.

We cut the shell along the length and easily peel it off, and then we must remove the esophagus.

And so we do with everyone else, I leave the tails intentionally, so then it will be more convenient to take.

Then we prepare the sauce, squeeze the garlic through the garlic press,

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice and soy sauce and mix everything well.

Crush the remaining garlic with a knife and heat the pan with olive oil.

We throw the garlic into the oil and wait until it gives up all its taste, but be sure not to bring it to the point that it starts to burn.

Literally a couple of minutes later, we remove all the garlic, everything that he could have already done.

Well, lay out the shrimp, fry for a maximum of 2 minutes on each side, no longer, otherwise they will become rubbery!

A little ground pepper and fresh parsley when serving!

And that’s it, everything is ready, a great addition to any dinner, as well as an independent snack!

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