Signs for the New Year 2023 to money

Many believe that the New Year is the time for the fulfillment of innermost wishes. May the coming year bring you a lot of happiness, joy, love, success in your work and career, new friends. Perhaps in 2023 your well-being will improve. How? Carefully study the signs for the New Year for money and be sure that the long-awaited financial changes will come very soon!

Signs for the New Year for money: work or not?

What are folk signs? Signs are prophecies based on certain events or objects. Since ancient times, signs have been passed down to people from their ancestors as an unshakable value. Signs for the New Year, so that money can be found, have become a real tradition.

Does compliance with the New Year 2023 for money really help improve the financial situation? People who believe in omens claim that some traditions literally “lure” money. According to astrologers, lucky signs carry positive energy and attract finance. A person who follows all the rules can count on unexpected luck, promotion at work, a good deal and business success.

One of these signs is money on the Christmas tree on New Year’s Eve. The tree is a symbol of the coming year. By hanging money on fir trees along with decorations, you can hope for financial benefits in 2023. Artificial spruce or natural – it does not matter.

Dishes for the New Year for money

Ancient traditions are closely intertwined with cooking. In ancient times, people brought “culinary gifts” to the pagan gods in the hope of propitiating them. They believed that generosity would return a hundredfold, and the just gods would send them a good harvest. These traditions survived into the 21st century, albeit in a somewhat modified form. Want to attract abundance into your home? Prepare “money dishes”!

The symbol of the coming year is the Black Water Rabbit. To “appease” the rabbit and attract solid capital, prepare cash dishes for the New Year. Remember: most of all, the rabbit appreciates generosity and hospitality. So use good products and don’t skimp on quality. Avarice, prudence and the desire to save money attract negative energy and promise money troubles in the coming year 2023.

What dishes should certainly be on the New Year’s table?

  • Rabbit. New Year’s feast cannot be imagined without the symbol of the year. A rabbit dish will attract positive energy and give an incredible gastronomic pleasure to the celebrants. There are no restrictions on cooking: you can bake the rabbit whole or in pieces, make rabbit meat stew, fry meat or make a salad. A quick and easy recipe for roasting rabbit in the oven can be found here.
  • Cabbage and pumpkin salad. Cabbage and pumpkin are Black Rabbit’s favorite treats. In China, cabbage symbolizes wealth, and pumpkin symbolizes excellent wealth and career success. Your guests will be delighted with an excellent salad of pumpkin, cabbage leaves and sweet peppers.
  • Pancakes with red caviar. Red caviar has been a symbol of security and prosperity for many centuries. A dish with red caviar on the festive table will attract cash flow to your home. You can find the recipe for delicious Royal pancakes here.

Tune in a positive way, believe in the best, and the year of the Black Rabbit will bring you many pleasant surprises!

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