Snack pancakes with sprat and egg #Shrovetide 2023

Step by step cooking recipe

For pancakes, I prepared the most common dough in milk.

Shake the eggs with sugar and salt, pour in the milk.

Add flour and make pancake batter.

At the end, add a quarter teaspoon of soda, quenched lemon, vegetable oil and mix quickly.

Fry pancakes on both sides in a well-heated pan.

Prepare everything for the filling.

Chop the boiled eggs, chop the green onion.

Peel the sprat from the insides, remove the head, fins and cut into pieces.

Add quite a bit of mayonnaise to combine the filling.

Pepper to taste.

Put the filling on the pancake and wrap it with an envelope.

Stuff the required amount of pancakes with the prepared stuffing.

Additional Information

The pancakes themselves can be made according to any recipe you like. But the stuffing is interesting. We are used to stuffing pancakes with expensive red fish, but with herring, and even with sprat, it will turn out very tasty!

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