Spritz Campari: the super quick recipe

Spritz Campari is a light and very simple cocktail to prepare. An easy recipe that is made in seconds and offers maximum flavour.

Knowing how to prepare an excellent Spritz Campari means always having something good to offer your guests, and all by putting together very few ingredients. The best choice when you have little time and want to create an aperitif drink that is appreciated by everyone.

This cocktail with campari is in fact fresh, light and able to best accompany every moment. From the appetizer, to moments of pure conviviality up to something good to enjoy at the end of the meal, it will always prove to be perfect. So let’s find out how Spritz Campari is made!

spritz campari
spritz campari

Preparation of the Campari Spritz recipe

  1. To make this simple variant of the Spritz, take a glass of wine and fill it with ice cubes.
  2. Add all the ingredients into the glass: the wine, the Campari and the soda and mix with a spoon or with a bar spoon. This is the spoon that is used specifically for cocktails and which has the particularity of having a very long handle. If you don’t have one, you can of course use a regular spoon.
  3. Add half a slice of orange to embellish and flavor the cocktail at the same time serve it.


Since it is an alcoholic drink that is prepared on the spot, Spritz Campari should be prepared and drunk on the spot.

Spritz Aperol, Spritz Campari e Spritz
Spritz Aperol, Spritz Campari e Spritz

The difference between Spritz, Aperol and Campari

Spritz really exist many versionswhich is why it can be common to find yourself wondering what the actual differences are. However, we have 3 that are the most famous: Spritz, Aperol e Campari.

The first seems to be born in the 1800s by Austrian influences during the period of Habsburg domination. In fact, the Austrians were not used to the alcohol content of Italian white wines, which is why they decided to water down the wine glasses with water (which later became Seltz and Soda) and thus creating the more classic Spritz: white, with just two ingredients.

Speaking instead of Spritz Aperol and Campari it is better to dwell on the gustatory characteristics: Aperol is more sugary and is therefore sweeter. Campari has on its side an alcohol content equal to double and a much drier taste. Even the visual experience is different since Aperol tends towards orange while Campari has a bright red colour.

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