Spritz: original recipe and history

Lo Spritz it is one of the most popular aperitifs in Italy, colorful, low in alcohol and fresh, which has had great success in the last 20 years. It is a typical drink from Northern Italy but it is now possible to request one in any Italian bar: which bartender does not know the Spritz recipe? Although it is a cornerstone of cocktails in Italy, however, it seems that the first one was Austrian. Today, there are several variations on the classic orange Spritz, which was originally white.

How the Spritz was born

The Spritz is born in the early 800s but not by an Italian, but by the Austrians. The Habsburg soldiers, who were in Veneto at the time, found the wines of Northern Italy too strong and so, in order not to give up drinking, they had to dilute them with a splash of sparkling water. This move gave birth to one of Italy’s most popular cocktails. The name? It comes right from ban tedesco “to inject”which means to spray.

The original “white” version, based on white wine and sparkling water, remains the traditional one for many and in fact it is not uncommon to find it in the bars of the Friuli Venezia Giulia. The orange color, moreover, arrives later, in the 1920s, when it was decided to introduce the bitter (with success).

Nel 2011, l’IBA, International Bartender Association, officially recognized the Spritz prepared with Aperol as a cocktail, also thanks to its worldwide success.

Spritz: original recipe

The Spritz is very simple to prepare: first of all you have to wash and slice aorangepreferably organic. Then, you have to prepare the cocktail following these proportions: Aperol 4/10 e prosecco 6/10. The official recipe calls for Aperol, prosecco and soda but the variant col Campari.

Put ice, Aperol and prosecco in one shakera tool used in bars to mix the ingredients in the preparation of cocktails by shaking the tool itself (but which can be purchased in many shops and online), and shake for a few seconds.

At this point, just pour the drink into a wide glass and add the sparkling water or the seltzer (drinking water enriched with CO2) before serving with a slice of orange inside each glass.

The drink obtained is not very alcoholic, let’s talk about 11th averagewhich is why it is traditionally prepared for an aperitif (also because it has few calories, therefore, it is also light).

The secrets for an excellent Spritz

Traditionally the Spritz involves the use of seltzer or soda but, in the absence of these ingredients, just use thecarbonated but very sparkling water.

Many advise to abound with the ice because the more it is used, the less risk there is of watering down the Spritz as the ice will melt more slowly.

To obtain a more uniform mixing and taste, however, it is better to pour first Prosecco and then Aperol: in this way the cocktail will have a brighter orange colour.

Finally, before adding the orange slice to garnish the glass, it is possible to give a couple of shuffleswithout shaking: in this way the fizz of the Prosecco and soda or sparkling water is not lost.

The variants of the Spritz

Spritz is usually found in two variants: orange or white. However, there are others Spritz-like drinkssuch as Campari Orange, which is very reminiscent of the Spritz especially on a visual level and is prepared with bitters and orange juice.

A drink that uses prosecco but integrates the gin and the Orange juice is the orange juice cocktail, with a fresh, original and captivating taste, also ideal for a simple aperitif and with friends.

After all, the prosecco it is the basis of a significant number of aperitif cocktails, because it integrates perfectly with many ingredients. As is the case with the classic Bellini, a genuine Italian cocktail loved all over the world, which is prepared with prosecco (or brut sparkling wine) and peach pulp.

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