Squid in sauce with potatoes easy and fast

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Today in this video recipe of less than 3 minutes of time, the method for preparing squid in sauce step by step.

If there is a dish that almost everyone likes, it is undoubtedly Calamari. It is the king in the gastronomy of many countries, which has recipes for all tastes, from, for example, simply fried, in its own ink, grilled or cooked. la romana, which are the most famous and typical batters in many bars and restaurants, without a doubt very rich, but they are not highly recommended for the diet.

One of the simplest and as we can see in this video they are in sauce, in less than half an hour we can have a delicious dish with a very good flavor and that already has the garnish together, which in this case are the potatoes or potatoes that accompanies them. and that it is made with the same sauce as the Calamari so that it captures all the flavor.

For this recipe we will need the ingredients for 2 people for lunch and dinner.

Half a kilo of frozen or fresh squid.
Sunflower or olive oil.
4 medium potatoes.
2 medium onions.
2 tomatoes.
4 cloves of garlic and parsley to taste.
100 ml of white wine.
Ground black pepper.
Hot paprika and salt to taste.

Very simple way of preparation:

First, chop the onion, garlic and tomato, remove the skin and cut into pieces as we can see in the video or in the image of recetas-faciles.com. Take a cauldron and fry it with a jet of oil, when the first 3 ingredients are sautéed, add the white wine, and put it on a very low heat, in a separate cauldron we boil water, now cut the squid for as many , in small pieces, we wash it, add it to the cauldron and fry together for 2 minutes.

Now add the black pepper, the hot paprika and the salt to taste, stir all the ingredients, chop the parsley and add the bay leaf, add the previously heated water and add, let it cook for 20 minutes so that it is not hard. Now all that remains is to peel the potatoes or potatoes and put it in the sauce. When it is ready, our dish will be ready.

Let it rest for 5 minutes and serve this dish, we can prepare it to eat for two days kept in the fridge.


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