Steamed potatoes in a slow cooker recipe with photo step by step

Keep in mind that the cooking time and mode in the recipe are approximate. All multicookers work differently and even the same models of the same manufacturer may have their own characteristics. Before you start cooking a new dish for you in a multicooker, carefully study the instructions for it, and then in practice try to cook dishes familiar to you first, and then new ones, choosing the mode and time individually for your own technique.

Root crops are best washed with a brush or a hard sponge under running water.

Important! The variety, size, quality of potatoes directly affects both the cooking time and the taste and appearance of the dish. For example, for baking or mashing, you need potatoes with a high starch content, for frying – with a low one. If you have used low-starch potatoes that are not intended for baking, they may remain raw even after a long roast, and high-starch potatoes will most likely fall apart and become unattractive when frying.

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