Storing cheese rinds: ways to recycle them

Do you know why it is useful to preserve cheese rinds? Here are some ideas to recycle this ingredient and exploit it in the most practical ways.

Many have doubts and constantly ask themselves whether the cheese crust can be eaten or not. The answer is “yes”, because there are so many ways you can use this part of the product e recycle an ingredient which would otherwise be thrown away. If you want to preserve cheese crusts, there are some tricks to exploit them. To make it useful, there are many ideas for using it in creative recipes, to flavor a dish or to create delicious snacks.

Store cheese rinds
Store cheese rinds

Preserving cheese rinds: ready-to-use ideas

To make the crusts ready for use, you need to first wash and dry them carefully. Then, the outermost part must be grated, in the smallest holes of the grater; make sure you remove all the writing. At this point, you can store and recycle the cheese rinds.

A first method to understand how to use cheese rinds in the kitchen involves adding them to a plate of pasta. First, however, you have to soften them, putting them soaked in broth or milk for about 2 hours. You can add them in pieces to flavor pasta and legumes or a tasty risotto. After having softened them, you can also blend them and use them to make tasty aperitifs, enriching savory doughs, for meatballs or rustic cakes.

How to use Parmesan crusts (and more)

Once washed and softened in hot water, the Parmesan crusts are delicious when added in chunks in minestrone. These tasty pieces are excellent for enriching a dish of pasta and potatoes. Whether they are Parmesan or another type, we can cook the cheese crusts directly on the plate or in the oven. Once made very crunchy they can become a great snack, one of the most delicious ideas are cheese chips. Another method is fry them in hot oil to make them swollen and tasty, or you can also bread them and then fry them.

We know another traditional product: extra virgin olive oil.

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