Strawberry tree, how to eat the Sardinian fruit: from jam to soft drinks

The strawberry tree, scientific name I unite the treesis a fruit plant typical of the Mediterranean areas. It grows lush and scenographic up to eight/ten meters in height. The fronds are abundant and present fruits and flowers at the same time. Precisely for this reason commonly today, more than for the medicinal and food propertiesthe strawberry tree plant is also used alone ornamental purpose. However, strawberry trees, as well as the leaves and roots of the plant, have well-known health properties for humans and their consumption is slowly making a comeback.

Strawberry tree, ancient and forgotten plant

The strawberry tree, in good company together with the quince, the medlar, the jujube or the carob tree, is considered a cultivar antica. And like these other traditional varieties, which have been part of the diet of Mediterranean peoples for a long time, it was then abandoned in favor of more profitable productions.

Today especially in Sardinia, however, and in contrast with the market, the farmers support the recovery and the spread of the strawberry tree plant. A choice that looks not only to the nostalgia of past times, but above all to the quality of the plant and its fruits, rich as they are in beneficial nutritional properties, excellent for man and the body.

How to eat strawberry trees

The strawberry tree plant produces many small red fruits, similar to rough berries, which are called strawberry trees. These have a very sweet flavor when perfectly ripe it’s a deep red colour. They are generally ready between the end of October and the month of December and in this period they can be safely eaten with all the peel. Pliny the Elder not by chance called the plant I unite the treesyes unum – one is or – magio, to eat – which literally means “to eat one at a time”, so much their goodness.

Otherwise, the strawberry trees are transformed into delicacies jams, liqueurs, juices and syrups for storage. This is because ripe fruit tends to ferment easily and get lost. Their properties are not altered by processing so the finished products remain highly nutritious.

Properties of the strawberry tree fruit

The strawberry trees are fruits rich in medicinal properties. In particular, since ancient times they have exploited the purifying and anti-inflammatory effectscapable of treating urinary tract infections such as cystitis and prostate disorders.

Still, the leaves and the rootrich in tannins and flavonoids, they were used in decoctions or infusions for relax the nervous system e treat intestinal discomfort like diarrhea. Furthermore, the decoction of leaves also plays atoning and elasticising action of the skin and is also suitable as a beauty ally.

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