Stuffed eggplant for the winter – a simple and tasty recipe, how to cook step by step

Stuffed eggplant for the winter

Today I want to share a recipe for spicy pickled eggplants with a spicy filling of pepper, garlic and herbs. In my family, not a single festive feast is complete without this appetizer! Served with fragrant vegetable oil and green onions. Tasty!

Step by step cooking recipe

Rinse the eggplants, cut off the tails, make a longitudinal incision on each. Boil eggplant for 8-10 minutes. Then recline in a colander and place under oppression for 2-3 hours (you can overnight).

Peel hot peppers from seeds, chop.

Rinse the greens, dry slightly and chop coarsely. Pass the garlic through a press.

Combine hot pepper, garlic and herbs. Salt and mix well.

Boil celery in 1 liter of water for 1-2 minutes. Take the celery out of the water.

Stuff eggplants with a mixture of pepper, garlic and herbs. If you are using celery with stalks, tie the stuffed eggplants with celery stalks.

Stuffed eggplant tightly fill pre-sterilized jars.

In the broth where the celery was boiled, add salt, sugar, bay leaf, cloves and allspice. Mix everything, bring to a boil, add vinegar, boil for 1-2 minutes and remove the marinade from the heat.

Pour the eggplants in jars with boiling marinade. Cover the jars with sterile lids and sterilize in a saucepan with water for 25-30 minutes.

After sterilizing the jars with the workpiece, roll up, turn upside down, wrap and leave to cool completely. Store stuffed eggplant in a cool, dark place.

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