Sweets of Santa Lucia: what are the traditional recipes

Il December 13th is upon us and in different parts of Italy to celebrate Saint Lucia preparing sweets following the recipes of tradition is a must. From the south of the peninsula, passing through Brescia and Verona, to get to the north of Europe, i children they await the most magical of nights impatiently and the kitchens come alive. The range of dishes from which to be conquered is, therefore, very vast.

1 Eyes of Saint Lucia

Among the recipes for desserts that are prepared on the occasion of December 13, that of the Eyes of Saint Lucia. These biscuits are named after tradition according to which the eyes of the holy martyr were plucked out, done actually undocumented and added to History more due to Christian iconography. The dish is typical of Puglia. It’s all about the little ones taralli get ready with a dough of flour, olive oil and white wine, cooked in the oven. Subsequently they are covered with a icing of sugar water call scleep. Some variants provide flavourings details. In Abruzzo with the name of Occhi di Santa Lucia, on the other hand, aniseed biscuits are indicated.

2 Biscocci

In Sardinia Saint Lucia is celebrated with particular sweets, i Biscocchi, whose recipes are varied. The Name comes from the union of the words biscuits and eyes. These are shaped sweets roundedwith a slot in the center symbolizing the line of the eyelids, in general stuffed with jam, preferably blueberry.

3 Doghouse of Santa Lucia

The Sit di Santa Lucia is a typical dessert of Sicily. This, in the original recipe, is prepared with boiled grain e ricotta of sheep, but today sometimes the last ingredient is replaced with crema milk white or chocolate. La Cuccia comes, then, enriched with candied pumpkin and also pieces of chocolate. TO Trapani this dish is eaten with boiled broad beans and cooked must, while a Caltanissetta this name indicates a salty soup.

4 Santa Lucia brioche or Lussekatter

The custom of celebrating Saint Lucia by preparing desserts according to traditional recipes is also typical of Northern Europe. From the Sweden then come i Fluffy cats. These are sweet rolls to which the dough is added saffron and which are generally enriched with raisins. Their peculiarity is the characteristic form a S. In Italy these have become popular under the name of Brioche of Saint Lucia.

5 Almond

Among the sweet recipes associated with the tradition of Saint Lucia, the almond. It is a nougat made with honey and almonds. In Veneto the Saint is considered not only the protector of eyesight, but also the patroness of couples. They are, therefore, i fiancés having to give it to girlfriends, as a sign of good luck. The portions must, then, be abundant so that the families of lovers can consume the delicacy together.

In short, there are many traditional recipes connected to Saint Lucia. The Feast in the Christian sphere symbolized the celebration of purity of mind and of determination in supporting their ideas. Today for many children the date has instead become synonymous with gioia and surprise. As much as reality contradicts the saying we just have to wait “Santa Lucia, the longest night there is”.

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