Tacos and Burritos: What’s the Difference?

In common have theorigin and the base, for the rest, tacos and burritos are 2 dishes that have some differences, mainly in the shape and filling. Typical of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisinetacos and burritos are foods particularly popular with millenials.

Tacos and burritos: similarities and differences

Both tacos and burritos are prepared starting from the tortilla, a kind of typical Mexican piadina. These dishes were then also exported to Tex-Mex cuisine, which represents a sort of fusion between the culinary tradition of Mexico and that of nearby Texas. The tortilla used to make tacos is made with corn flour. Burritos are made with a tortilla wheat flourslightly larger than the one used for tacos.

Tacos: how are they prepared?

The tortilla at the base of the tacos comes stuffed with vegetables various (onions, lettuce, avocado, peppers), pesce or carne (veal, chicken or beef) with added sour cream or chipotle sauce. Once filled, the taco tortilla is folded in half to give it the characteristic shape a Crescent moon. Tacos are always eaten hot.

Burritos: characteristics and curiosities

The burritos are sort of piadina rolled up and closed on at least 3 sides. Usually, in South American cuisine, they are stuffed with a stuffing made from beef minced and flavored with a sauté of onions and spices, often with the addition of refried beans. A curiosity: the name burrito seems to derive from the fact that the first vendors of this food were street vendors who traveled by donkey (burro in Spanish) and then the customers looking for them asked for the burrito.

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