Takeaway pizza: the reusable container arrives in Varese instead of the cartons

I disposable cartons they are part of the takeaway pizza package, but we may soon see them replaced by a reusable container. Like “Ufo”, alternative packaging designed by the start-up AroundRS within the project Busted spending 3in the province of Varese. An initiative born with the aim of promoting sustainability, reducing the amount of waste produced.

From pizza cartons to the reusable UFO container

Making the world of food delivery more sustainable is one of the priorities of our time and replacing disposable pizza boxes with alternative ecological could be a great start. To think this way is, of course, the start-up AroundRS which has developed some containers made of durable plastic, with a flat and round shape, called Ufo. These are designed to keep pizza warm and were called Pizza Arcticrespecting the tradition of the company which associates each product with an iconic place for raise awareness the public. UFOs are washable in the dishwasher and customers are welcome to bring them back to the premises for prompt reuse.

Busted spending

The new reusable take-away pizza container is an integral part of Busted spending 3. This is the third step of a project which aims to reduce the use of plastic disposable, promoting the elimination of disposable containers in various areas in the province of Varese. Busted Spending 1 had involved the Large distributionwhile phase 2 was dedicated to realities active in the field of turismo on Lake Maggiore.

Step 3, on the other hand, involves campsites and restaurants in 6 municipalities in the Varesotto: Luino, Laveno Mombello, Angera, Sesto Calende and Gornate Olona. The Province of Varese-Provincial Waste Observatory, the Totem Cooperative, the Monza Park Agricultural School and the technical partner Ars Ambiente srl. The project the ball involves 10 activities for now.

Pizza containers and waste

Replacing the classic pizza cartons on a large scale with the reusable “Ufo” container would have a significant impact from the point of view environmental. AroundRS has emphasized that with these objects, the aim is not simply to replace the plastic with the carta. This would certainly be a step forward in itself, but according to the manufacturers, promote washable items, rather than simply recyclableis even more ambitious. The process recycling requires, in fact, the use of energy, water and resources. Considering that, only in our country, they are consumed every day 1.5 million of take-away pizzas, the weight in terms of sustainability of such a change of practice appears undeniable.

Today pizza cartons are part of ours everyday life, but in the future we could say the same about the new reusable container. This would solve more than one problem Often, in fact, we end up wondering where to throw the containers. These theoretically go into the carta to be recycled. Should they remain inside residues of food, however, throwing everything in the unsorted rubbish is the only solution.

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