Taste tourism in Tuscany, discovering traditional dishes

Tour among the Tuscan towns most visited by tourists, reviewing the specialties of the local gastronomic tradition.

Cities of art, landscape, beaches and of course good food: thetourist offer from the Tuscany it includes a plurality of aspects and every year it is the favorite destination of large numbers of visitors from all over the world.

Celebrated for its monuments, for the splendid works of art and for the museums that represent a fundamental cultural source, Tuscany is in fact much appreciated also for its museums gastronomic traditions and the local cuisine which boasts very remote origins, even referring to the age of the ancient Etruscans.

Precisely for this reason, the region is often the protagonist of tours and Turistic itineraries imprinted on gusto and on local culinary specialities. To draw up the ranking of the destinations preferred by tourists is Holidaythe web portal dedicated to holiday homes and apartments which recently published the list of the most sought-after destinations in 2022. But what are the most popular Tuscan locations in 2022 according to Holidu?

The “Top 20”, which is based on the requests of users looking for stays on the Italian site holidu.it, contains the most important Tuscan cities and some of the most suggestive villageswithout neglecting the seaside resorts that are always very populated in the warmer months.


Florence and its culinary tradition

In the ranking of Top 20 Tuscan locations of 2022 it can not miss Firenzethe cradle of the Renaissance which occupies the second position and never loses its charm, also known for a long series of typical dishes that are always highly appreciated.

An example of this is the famous one Florentine steak, the classic Chianina beef sirloin which immediately stands out for its height, which can even reach six centimetres. Also in the Tuscan capital it is possible to taste a very special side dish, the beans all’uccelletto prepared with legumes, tomato and sage.

And the ribollita, however, to be considered the queen of local cuisine: it is a poor dish, a soup prepared with stale bread and vegetables common in different areas of the region, including the Arezzo and Siena areas. Finally, among the desserts, lo Florentine pumpkin undoubtedly occupies a special position: designed by Bernardo Buontalenti, it recalls the shape of a helmet also known as “Catherine’s helmet” in honor of Caterina de’ Medici.

Follonica, Grosseto and the traditional Maremma cuisine

In first position, surpassing the other nineteen locations in the Holidu ranking, is the city of Follonica. A very popular seaside resort where it is possible to taste some Tuscan specialties based on fishsuch as drunk octopus, but also acquacotta and chickpeas with caciucco.

Grossetoon the other hand, is in sixth position in the Top 20 which also mentions many places in the Tuscan Maremma, such as Castiglione della Pescaia on the third step of the podium, Marina of Grosseto in tenth place and Orbetello on the twelfth.

I am typical Maremma dishesfor example, pappardelle with hare, wild boar alla cacciatora or Maremma, the famous Maremma spinach-based tortello which can be tasted throughout the province of Grosseto.

The culinary specialties of Livorno, Lucca and Pisa

To find the cities of Livorno, Lucca and Pisa in the standings, you have to go up to thirteenth position, then jumping to fifteenth and seventeenth place respectively. Leghornfor example, boasts a rich collection of typical dishes such as the famous fish soup Livorno style, a fish soup dipped in tomato sauce. Also famous are the cecina, or chickpea cake, prepared with chickpea flour, but also the sweet bread with zibibbo.

A Lucca, instead, the local cuisine proposes for example i tordelli from Lucca, a first course with filled pasta in a semicircle shape which, in the past, was prepared using leftovers from Sunday. TO PisaFinally, you can taste the famous Pisan-style bordera winter soup prepared with bean purée, black cabbage and cornmeal.

The typical dishes of Versilia

Even some of the most beautiful places in the Versilia they cannot be missing in the Holidu ranking. Being at Viareggiowhich ranks fifth, you can taste spaghetti with niches (clams) or with coltellacci (cannolicchi), or the Viareggio variant of cacciucco and still the traditional sweet shoemade with zucchini.

A stay at Marble Fortwhich appears in eleventh place, is the perfect opportunity to taste the police officersan appetizer made from fried bread dough and served as an accompaniment to cheeses and cured meats.

As in the rest of Versilia, also a Marina di Pietrasanta (in the last position) you can taste some specialties such as the Pasquale putta cake, prepared with rice and spelled plus many spices, but also the matuffi made with polenta and sausage sauce.

Siena and its local cuisine

It turns tra le Tuscan gastronomic specialties ends with Siena, which is in the penultimate place of the Holidu ranking. The city of the famous Palio and of the suggestive Piazza del Campo offers various culinary delicacies, such as the typical Sienese appetizer based on cold cuts, cheeses and croutons. We also add the Sienese ribollita, pici with wild boar sauce and of course some well-known desserts: the Panforte eh Ricciarelli.

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