The 5 best pain au chocolate in Paris

We’ve all gone crazy for the elegant adventures of the young American in Paris in the TV series Emily in Paris and together with her we dreamed of walking through the beauties of the Ville Lumière with a beret on the head and a chocolate bread steaming in your hands. And at this point, having reached the third season of Emily in Paristhere are two questions that intrigue us. Cos’è the chocolate bread? It’s still, where you can eat the best pain au chocolat in Paris? Here is a small gourmet guide to the French capital to find the most authentic and good pain au chocolat.

Pain au chocolat: what it is and how to prepare it

Technically pain au chocolat is a French sweet pastry dessert which is defined pastry. A puff pastry fragrant, buttery and light wraps two small bars of chocolate, then the magic happens in the oven. The puff puffs up and the chocolate melts, so the best way to enjoy a pain au chocolat is freshly taken out of the oven.

The best pain au chocolat in Paris

In Parisian boulangeries (literally bakeries) you will not find only baguette, but also the irresistible pain au chocolate. Here you are 5 boulangeries loved by Parisians.

Healthy Bakery

Natural doughs, sourdough and ancient grains, these are the three strengths of this very famous boulangerie in Paris. Here you will not only find the pain au chocolat every morning (they are open every day), but also baguettes and traditional French desserts. There is also a large selection of creative pastries that start from carefully selected ingredients.

Dove: Rue Marie and Louise n.15, Paris

Angelina Paris

Angelina is a true institution in Paris and it is no coincidence that her confectionery tradition and bakery products have crossed the French borders and reached New York e Dubai. Angelina Paris has a 120-year tradition. In 1900, when Paris had an incredible artistic and intellectual flowering. Writers, painters and politicians gathered in cafes and restaurants, as well as tearooms, which were the most popular places.

In 1903, the pastry chef Anton Rumpelmayer founded Angelina with her son René, a tea room at no. 226 of Rue de Rivoli, which bore the name of the daughter-in-law. Art Nouveau represents a style like the era of 1900. The interior, designed by the famous architect of the Belle Epoque Edouard-Jean Niermans, combine elegance, charm and sophistication. to create a sense of romance and poetry. The charm of the place and the skill and expertise of the Rumpelmayers in the field of pastry quickly made Angelina the meeting place of the elite. Proust, Coco Chanel and the greatest French stylists they gathered in the famous tea room. Today, Parisians and tourists queue up to taste the typical Mont-Blanc, the famous hot chocolate “L’Africain” and of course the pain au chocolate.

Dove: Rue de Rivoli n.226, Paris

Bread & Ideas

Open from Monday to Friday, this pastry shop was born from the history of a self-taught enthusiast, Christopher Vasseurwho left everything in 2002 to settle in this authentic Parisian patisserie from 1875. Du Pain & Des Idées is the expression of a purist artisan bakerwhere the best raw materials, mostly from biological agriculture, are transformed respecting the ancestral techniques that guarantee taste and health. In addition to the pain au chocolate, le house specialty they are the chocolate-pistachio snail, the fresh apple panzerotto, the baker’s flan, the orange blossom brioche and the famous pain des amis (registered trademark).

Dove: Rue Yves Toudic n.34, Parigi

The French Bastards

Boulangerie, pâtisserie and… bastardy. That’s how this place calls itself that has the scent of a modern Paris which, however, does not take the eye away from traditional preparations. There is no shortage of desserts and rigorously made pain au chocolate, but here you can also buy creams and jams, chocolate or sit down to have a lunch or dinner even based on refined fish recipes.

Dove: Rue Oberkampf n.61, Paris – Rue Saint-Denis n. 181, Paris – Place Saint-Ferdinand n. 35, Paris

Cedric Grolet Opéra

Open Tuesday to Sunday, this isn’t just a boulangerie and it’s not just a French patisserie. It’s a place where events and cooking classes are organized that will welcome you in many moments of your day. The pain au chocolats are delicious, try them!

Dove: Avenue de l’Opéra n.35, Paris

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