The Berezutskiy brothers announce the closure of the Twins Garden restaurant in Moscow

After winning the award for the best Russian restaurant and earning two Michelin stars, the Berezutskiy brothers decide to close their restaurant.

Ivan and Sergey Berezutskiy, the identical twins who own the famous Moscow restaurant initially called “Twins”, have decided to leave the business. During their management, they have not only brought their cuisine to customers but have also created one farm near Moscow to produce their ingredients. For this reason, they added “Garden” to the original restaurant name. Their design combined a commitment to taste with sustainability: 70% of the ingredients in their restaurant came (but now we have to say “came”) from their farm, and the leftovers were used to feed the animals.

The farewell post of the chefs

“Dear friends! Time flies. Everything changes. The world around us changes, we all change, and our goals and desires change too.
Six years ago we dreamed of a restaurant that has now become Twins Garden. The dream came true thanks to our excellent team, their professionalism and full dedication. Our team has given not only their strengths but parts of their soul to the restaurant. Twins Garden is a restaurant created with the heart. And we are happy that together we were able to achieve the best project of our life.
Now is the time to set new goals, dream new dreams and move forward. Because movement is life. Today is our last day at Twins Garden restaurant. What comes next? We have lots of ideas and projects. We will definitely tell you everything when the time comes.
We sincerely thank our team, our investor, and our dear guests who started it all”

These are the words you read in the restaurant post announcing the closure, after having received two Michelin Stars.

The reasons for the closure of the Twins Garden in Moscow

The Berezutskiy brothers, whose restaurant won the award for the best Russian restaurant and ranked 29th in the list of best 50 restaurants in the world, have recently been awarded two Michelin stars. However, today they are announcing that this will be their last shoot. Customers will no longer be able to try the menu “Rediscover Russia”, which showcased local produce from all regions of the nation, nor the all-plant “Vegetables” menu, which demonstrated the vast potential of vegetables. At the moment, visits to their incredible experimentation laboratory, from where they created wines based on vegetables, fruits and mushrooms, will not be available.

According to Russian gastronomic journalists, the Berezutskiy brothers are leaving their restaurant due to their desire to pursue new projects and new goals. However, the implicit reference to reasons not only related to food in their parting words cannot be ignored. In fact, the restaurant was very popular with international customers, who disappeared following theRussian invasion of Ukraine.

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