The best classic Panettone in the world: the winner is Raffaele Romano

Raphael Roman of Gran Roman coffee of Solofra won the award for best classic panettone in the world. This was established by a competition organized by the FIPGCInternational Federation of Pastry, Ice Cream and Chocolate, at the end of a we are serrata, which awarded trophies in various categories. The recognition went to a product from features unique and the news is already arousing enthusiasm.

The Panettone World Cup

Panettone has always been a classic of the Milanese tradition, but today the Christmas cake is increasingly popular and the best in the world is prepared in the province of Avellino. The decree took care of it Panettone World Championshiporganized by FIPGC, whose final they were held in the Castello Ducale Orsini, in Fiano, in the province of Rome.

They participated in the competition 350 panettone from all over the world. In the last stages of the contest, however, they challenged each other 66 pastry chefs. Matthew CutoloPresident of the Federation, stressed that the great participation international is an important sign. In fact, it tells of how panettone is an increasingly well-known and appreciated product.

Raffaele Romano and the best classic panettone in the world

It was the winner of the award for the best classic panettone in the world Raphael Roman. The chef is 49 years old and manages, together with his brother Gianfranco, the Great Roman Cafe, historic place in the center of Solofra. The 109-year-old café is renowned for its commitment to supply quality products qualityin which tradition e innovation they mix perfectly. Panettone is made with great attention to the raw material and to leavening natural. Centrifuged butter, fresh eggs, raisins and candied fruit thus give life to a dessert whose taste, scent, softness and alveolation have been defined as perfect. The Great Roman Cafe had already obtained the prize for the best classic panettone in the world in 2018.

The other winners

Alongside the best classic panettone in the world, other products have received awards. The recognition for the best panettone innovative he therefore went to Luigi Fuscoin the province of Salerno. The pastry chef has proposed a variant of the dessert with a sponge cake heart, soaked in the lemon.

The best panettone savory however, it was made in Quarrata, in the province of Bologna, by Beatrice Volta. The leavened, called Tuscany, has a heart of pappa al pomodoro, and is garnished on the outside with black cabbage soup, bacon and pecorino cheese. To receive the award popular juryawarded for the first time was instead the almond panettone with candied fruit from Sicily Carmel Patti.

Raffaele Romano said that receiving the award for the best classic panettone in the world was an event exciting. He has, therefore, expressed great satisfaction and has thanked the team of Great Roman Cafe, as much as the local loyal customers and their own families. The chef emphasized that success comes at the end of a difficult period, like a reward for all the sacrifices made.

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