the decision to close restaurants at Christmas

Alessandro Borghese has decided to close all his restaurants during the holidays, allowing his employees to stay with their families.

Those who intended to spend Christmas dinners in Alessandro Borghese’s restaurants will unfortunately be disappointed. The famous TV chef has in fact categorically declared that his restaurants will be closed on Christmas day, and not only: from 23 to 26 December. The reason, declared by the chef in an interview with La Stampa, is that “so the employees stay in the family”.

Alexander Borghese
Alexander Borghese

Alessandro Borghese: restaurants closed at Christmas

So, while restaurants throughout Italy, from the south to the north, are frantically thinking up menus for Christmas, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, Alessandro Borghese has decided to go against the tide. The chef, who recently made headlines with his statements on lack of staff in the restaurant and the lack of desire to work in the new generations, he said: “I am pleased that my brigade can return to relatives: I am at home for Christmas. Milan and Venice are two frenetic cities: we work all year round with preposterous hours so at least for the holidays it is right that they return to their loved ones, who often live in Calabria, Puglia, Sicily”.

Alessandro Borghese: Christmas with the family

A choice that may seem risky, also considering that the restaurant world comes from three years of pandemic, and has suffered a major arrest. The holidays, you don’t need to be a genius of the restaurant business to know this, are a great opportunity to raise your takings. Borghese, however, doesn’t seem worried and he too wants to enjoy Christmas with his family Campania. Again in La Stampa he says: “Our party? Start on the 24th, with a fish-based menu. We will indulge ourselves with eel, fried cod, clams and, of course, the ever-present side salad. That’s always there, even if no one ever eats it. My mother-in-law will start cooking fried zeppolette with anchovies in the morning”.

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