The difference between cauliflower and cabbage

Most probably think that the difference between cauliflower and cabbage is limited to their appearance. In fact, cauliflower and savoy cabbage are two types of cabbage, i.e. they both belong to the cabbage family Brassicaceaeplants also known as Cruciferousof which they represent two different varieties. Cauliflower is a Brassica Oleracea botrytis, like broccoli, while savoy cabbage, like cabbage, is a Brassica Oleracea capitata. Despite belonging to the same botanical family, cabbage and cauliflower could be defined as “different twins”. To differentiate these two vegetables, in fact, is more than one characteristic.

Shape and appearance, the first difference between cauliflower and cabbage

A first difference between cauliflower and cabbage is theappearance: leafy cabbage the latter consists of a set of crunchy and wrinkled leaves that form a hard and compact ball. Cauliflower also has a rounded shape and looks like a kind of large compact flower made up of inflorescences smaller. Another difference between cauliflower and cabbage is the color. The cabbage is of a beautiful dark green and as you move towards the heart of the vegetable the leaves become softer, less wrinkled and the color tends more towards light green and yellow. In the collective imagination cauliflower, on the other hand, is white, even if they exist colorful varietiesfrom orange to green and purple.

Properties and benefits

Unlike cauliflower, cabbage leaves can be applied raw topically as wrapsfor example against eczema or inflammation. This vegetable is also indicated to prevent diseases of the respiratory tractfight bronchitis and asthma and is indicated in case of constipation. Cauliflower, on the other hand, has anticancer properties and reduces the risk of diabetes 2as well as having a high satiating power and favoring the energy metabolism.

Cauliflower and cabbage in the kitchen

These two varieties of cabbage represent a very precious ally in the kitchen because they are very versatile ingredients which lend themselves to the realization of different recipes. Ideal for the preparation of exquisite rolls filled with meat or vegetables, cabbage is widely used to prepare winter side dishes, excellent when combined with potatoes or pumpkin. Steamed or baked cauliflower with a drizzle of olive oil, a pinch of salt and a sprinkling of sesame seeds is a very simple yet delicious dish. An unusual but very special recipe is cauliflower hummus.

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