The difference between Milanese cutlet and Palermitan cutlet

The cutlet it is a dish appreciated by adults and children and in our country the alla variant stands out among the queens of the field milanese and that at Palermoamong which there is a significant one difference. The two main courses of meat have some features in common that they know how to ignite the diners’ throats. Behind a secular tradition but gods are hidden particular signs which make the two preparations unmistakable.

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To understand the difference between the Milanese cutlet and the Palermitan cutlet, it is first of all necessary to dwell on the more classic of the two variants. The Milanese cutlet has made its appearance on Italian tables in full Middle Ages. The first historical attestations on the existence of this dish date back, in fact, to 1148. This dish is still prepared today using sirloin steak veal, to which the bone must be strictly attached. The meat is then passed in egg and breadcrumbs, in a double breading which gives the preparation the typical gourmand consistency. There frying finally, it provides for the use of clarified butter and the meat, once removed from the pan, must be served hot.

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Looking at the characteristics of the two second courses, understanding the difference between Milanese cutlet and Palermitan cutlet does not appear complicated. The second recipe has aorigin equally ancient and was born as poor dish. Therefore, cuts of leftover meat were originally used to prepare it. The recipe, in its primitive version, provided for these to be passed into the lard to then be breaded in breadcrumbs and cooked grill. With the improvement of the conditions of the population the race has become the preferred meat and animal fat has been replaced byolio d’oliva. Alla breading were then added aromas of various kinds and cheeses. Among these the most popular is the caciocavallo of Sicily. Then, in some cases, cooking on the plate is preferred oven.

Difference between Milanese cutlet and Palermitan cutlet

When faced with the two recipes, the difference between the Milanese cutlet and the Palermitan cutlet is immediately evident. To be different are, first of all, the breading. In fact, the Sicilian variant does not provide for the use of eggwhile the Lombard one does not contemplate, in its most classic version, a significant addition of aromas o cheese. This makes Palermitan meat more lightbut more tasty of the Milanese one, which however excels for crunchiness. Cooking is, then, the main distinction. At the fryingtypical of the most famous recipe, in fact echoes the preparation on the plate of the Sicilian alternative, which is, therefore, much less caloric. Because of this particular characteristic, some tend to prefer the wording “Palermitan-style breaded steak”.

In short, the difference between the Milanese cutlet and the Palermitan cutlet is more than significant. Both recipes help fuel interest in the panorama cuisine of our peninsula, always varied and original. The comparison then it appears potentially lit and, to choose which dish to give our preference to in conscience, tasting remains the only weapon at our disposal.

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