The difference between netted melon and cantaloupe melon

Il melonformerly called poponeis the common name of the Cucumber melonwhich belongs to the family of Cucurbitacee, the same as pumpkin and watermelon. The wild species is originally from Asiabut now horticulturists all over the world cultivate a large number of varieties, which differ from each other in the shape and size of the fruit and in the characteristics of the peel and pulp.

In general, the fruit is voluminous, rounded in shape, with a juicy, sweet and fragrant pulp, which contains many seeds in its cavity. It’s refreshing, ha antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is available from May to September. In Italy the netted melon and the cantaloupe melon they are among the most common varieties. But what is the difference?

The netted melon

Il melon reticulatus it’s a spherical-ovoid fruit of medium size (it can vary between 800 grams and 2 kilos), it has a reticulated skin with marked segments and a white, yellow or greenish flesh.

The netted melon has a sweet and rich taste and it is excellent eaten alone, perhaps as an appetizer in combination with raw ham, but also in salads, fruit salads and sorbets.

The cantaloupe melon

Il melon cantalupensis o cantalupio it’s a spherical fruit of medium size with a rough and rough surface it’s a yellow and sugary pulp. The name comes from the locality of Cantaloupe in Sabina, in the province of Rieti, where a papal castle once stood where Asian Catholic missionaries brought the seeds of this fruit from the East. Cantaloupe melon is used in many recipesincluding ice creams, jams, cakes, biscuits and liqueurs.

The difference between netted melon and cantaloupe

The difference between the netted melon and the cantaloupe melon it is therefore above all in the form and in characteristics of the peel and pulp. Both varieties are widespread and appreciated in Italy, which together with Spain and France is one of the European countries that produces the most melons. THE major producers in the world, according to FAO data, are instead China, Turkey and Iran.

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