The difference between peanuts and cashews

Many know that between peanuts e cashew nuts there is a difference. But not everyone knows that the difference between peanuts and cashews isn’t just in shape. Many, in fact, ignore that there is more than one characteristic that differentiates these two foods, despite some common aspects, such as, for example, theBrazilian origin.

What do peanuts and cashews have in common?

In addition to being very good, peanuts and cashews also go a long way good for health. But being both very caloriesyou shouldn’t abuse it. However, both exhibit antioxidant nutritional properties that make them valuable allies of the heart because they help reduce blood cholesterol levels and lower cardiovascular risk.

Peanuts, a truly versatile food

Although peanuts and cashews are found side by side on the same shelf in supermarkets, a first difference to underline is that peanuts are not actually nuts. Peanuts are in fact the seeds of a grassy plant that belongs to the family of Legumes. They are, therefore, in a certain sense more similar to beans and chickpeas than almonds and cashews. However, from a nutritional point of view, peanuts have characteristics be aesthetics that organoleptic which make them part of the family to all intents and purposes oily dried fruit. In addition to being good for the heart, they have a high content of Omega 3, protein, dietary fiber, antioxidant vitamins and minerals. It all contributes to keep the skin healthya reduce the risk of cancer e keep the nervous system healthy.

Peanuts in the kitchen

Perfect to munch on at aperitif time and ideal for a nutritious snack, peanuts are a very versatile and useful ingredient in vegan cuisine. Finely chopped they become excellent breading for tofu and fried or gratin vegetables, more coarsely chopped can be added to poke as protein garnish or they can be used to prepare a crunchy vegetable sauce. From the pressing of peanuts you get a olio tasty but light, excellent for frying. Appreciated by many, however, is the peanut buttera spreadable cream ideal for breakfast or sweet and savory snacks.

Cashews: very good antidepressants

Unlike peanuts, cashews are the fruit of theWestern cashew. This plant has a double fruit, or a fresh fruit (false fruit), a kind of apple, and a dried fruit, the cashew nut, the real fruit. Another difference between peanuts and cashews is that the latter are always sold shelled, while peanuts are sold with or without shell. This is because the cashew nut shell contains a highly irritating oil, for this reason the cashew processing process is quite complex. Slightly lower in calories than peanuts, cashews contain more carbohydrates than protein and are high in unsaturated fats, considered good because they improve the level of good cholesterol and reduce those of bad cholesterol. Furthermore, unlike peanuts, cashews are good for the eyes but above all the high content of tryptophan gives them antidepressant properties.

Cashews in the kitchen

Chicken with cashews is a typical recipe of oriental cuisine and very famous. With us it is still a little used food in the kitchenexcept for the preparation of vegan dishes, such as cashew cheese or cashew pesto. Great basic ingredient for one vegetable drink like milk, cashews are delicious simply toasted in a mixed vegetable salad with orange and raisins.

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