The difference between peanuts and pistachios

Peanuts and pistachios are apparently very similar to each other and both are mistakenly considered to belong to the large family of dried fruit. But peanuts, indeed, are legumes just like peas, chickpeas and lentils and therefore, unlike pistachios, they are not a fruit. So here’s what you need to know about these foods and what is the difference between peanuts and pistachios.

What are peanuts

Peanuts belong to the large legume family. As such they do not grow on trees but on the ground, where they develop the pod, the typical fruit of Leguminous plants. The plant is originally from South Americahas been known since ancient times and the indigenous populations, Aztecs in primis, revered it as a source of sacred food.

Subsequently they were exported to Africa, where the favorable climate allowed their transplantation. And today, due to their beneficial properties, they are eaten all over the world.

Peanuts can be eaten both fresh and roasted. In any case they are very caloric (600 K/cal per 100gr), but the nutritional properties they change a lot. The fresh legume, in fact, preserves unchanged vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins and antioxidants and, albeit in small quantities, they can be consumed daily. Roasted peanuts, on the other hand, lose all nutrients while keeping only calories, salt and sugars. Consumed too often they cause stomach ache and discomfort.

What plant is pistachio

Even the pistachio is a food known for thousands of years and is one of the oldest dried fruit species in history (dating back to the Paleolithic). Originally cultivated for food and medicinal purposes in the Middle East, it was exported to Europe by the Romans and was widespread especially in the areas of Mediterranean basinwhere the climate is particularly favourable.

The pistachio plant grows slowly, even reaches 5-6 meters in height and the precious fruits grow on the branches. It is a long-lived tree and can reach 300 years, but it becomes productive only after the sixth year of life, improving over time. The fruits are normally harvested and left to dry in the sun for a few days, while the shelled pistachios need to be toasted for conservation.

It is a caloric food but also rich in fibre, fatty acids and vitamins, precious mineral salts and antioxidants.

The difference between peanuts and pistachios

We said it, peanuts are a legume native to Latin America and therefore grow underground. Pistachios, on the other hand, belong to the dried fruit family, grow on trees and are native to East Asia. They would seem to have little in common then, but that’s not really the case. Both of these foods contain excellent nutritional properties for the health of the body but above all of the human mind.

That seeds and nuts were excellent foods for health is now known, but more recent studies have highlighted a particular utility of peanuts and pistachios for health of our brain.

Specifically, pistachios react to gamma waves and are essential for processing thought, retaining information and learning new concepts. Peanuts, on the other hand, respond to the delta wave, linked to the body’s immune defenses, natural healing and deep, restorative sleep.

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