The difference between wheat and corn

Grain e maize are they synonyms? Is one short for the other? Or perhaps the two terms refer to different plants? Let’s clarify the meaning and on the difference between wheat and corn.

Wheat vs. corn, the difference

Grainwhich comes from Latin grainthat is grainis synonymous with wheat. It is the generic name of the different species and varieties of plants of the gender Triticum of the grass family, whose cultivation dates back to prehistoric times. These are annual plants grown for kernels (the fruits of cereals) intended for human consumption, and for pagliaused in various ways: as food and bedding for livestock, for the extraction of cellulose, for the preparation of paper and, more rarely, fuel.

What is the distinction between durum wheat (o forte) e Wheat? The former is well suited to hot and dry regionshas elongated, shiny and gluten-rich kernels, which provide a flour used above all for the manufacture of pasta. The second is better adapted to the climate of temperate regionshas opaque grains rich in starch, excellent for cooking baking.

What is Corn?

Il maize is another name for the mostwhich comes from Spanish often, voice of the Arua language (Arawak is one of the most important ethno-linguistic families of South America). It is an annual plant – Zea mays – of the grass familyoriginating from New world and introduced into Europe soon after the discovery of America. It is grown in numerous varieties in all temperate regions e in Italia it represents the most important cereal crop after wheat.

Corn, the cultivation of which can be done for grain or for forageis widely used inhuman nutrition and in the preparation of animal feed or to obtain starch and oil. For these uses it is subjected to grindingbut grains of some varieties can be eaten directly as food (sugar corn) or made into flakes (corn flakes) and in blown product (pop corn).

Grain e maize therefore they are not synonyms, but refer to two different plantsboth intended for human consumption and widespread in Italy and in the world.

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