The easiest pancakes with milk

Step by step cooking recipe

This recipe is very simple and with ideal proportions, everyone will succeed)

Pour milk into a cup, break eggs, add salt, sugar, vegetable oil, beat with a mixer until smooth.

Pour the sifted flour, beat with a mixer until the lumps dissolve.

Fry over medium heat.

Before frying the first pancake, heat the pan well and grease with vegetable oil.

Fry on both sides until golden brown.

If you wrap spring rolls, then you can fry only on one side, the second fry already wrapped)

Stir the dough well while baking so that the density does not settle to the bottom of the cup.

For a child – pancakes with sweet filling, nutella and bananas.

For the husband – pancakes stuffed with mashed potatoes with onion and vegetable frying and sausage)bl

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