the easy appetizer recipe (ready in 15 minutes)

How to make puff pastry bread sticks? Here are the ingredients and recipe for making quick and very easy appetizers to serve as an aperitif!

The puff pastry breadsticks are a perfect snack for an aperitif or for those who find themselves last minute without bread (it can happen to anyone!). With a roll of puff pastry, in fact, it is possible to make excellent savory breadsticks to serve with various types of salami and cheese.

Making the shape is quite simple: you have to cut the dough into strips with a wheel or a knife and that’s it. Who then wants to get the classic spiral effect, just roll up the strips a little at a time.

This quick recipe is really a lot versatilewe also have one video recipe which you can follow. You can decide to serve your breadsticks natural with the sole addition of a pinch of salt, or you can enrich them with sesame or poppy seeds, grated cheese, basil pesto or dried tomatoes. In short, there is just the embarrassment of choice: would you have ever said that?

Puff pastry bread sticks
Puff pastry bread sticks

How to make puff pastry bread sticks

1. Take the puff pastry roll and gently unroll it on a work surface.

Mix eggs and milk

2. Shell the egg in a bowl, add the milk and bang with a fork.

Cut the pastry into strips and brush

3. Cut the pastry into strips of about 1 cm with a knife or a pastry cutter and brush them entirely with the egg and milk mixthen season with grains of salt.

Season the strips and roll them up

4. If you wish, you can now also add some grated cheese, a mix of seeds or even some olive paste.
5. Transfer the sticks onto a baking tray lined with a sheet of special paper and, to make them more scenographic, roll them up gently in order to obtain the twisted effect.
6. Bake a 180°C for about 10/15 minutes.
7. Remove your savory puff pastry bread sticks from the oven and set cool down before serving.

You can enrich them in a thousand ways: in our opinion they are delicious with sesame seeds, or with a spoonful of olive paté or grated cheese. The limit is, as always, your sensitivity and taste in combinations. To prepare them you will have to spread the chosen filling just before rolling them upand only on one side, then proceed with cooking in the oven.

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We recommend consuming them within 2-3 days when they are ready. Store them in a cool, dry place, preferably inside a paper bag for food. We do not recommend freezing in the freezer.

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