the new drink by Fedez and Lazza in a can

An off-stage challenge: Fedez and Lazza make their debut on the beverage market with “Boem”, their first canned drink which will debut in June 2023.

It is a friendship, the one between Fedez and Lazza, which comes from afar and which finally crosses even in the workplace in a common project. This time, however, music is not involved: the two rappers originally from Milan decide to launch “Boem”, their first canned drink on the market. Let’s find out more about Fede e Lazza’s canned drink: Boem arrives with the first taste in June 2023.

What is Boem: Fedez and Lazza’s drink

The new canned drink of the Fedez-Lazza couple is about to arrive on the market. And it is they who announce it in Instagram Stories and how post.

“After almost 1 year and a half of work we are happy to introduce you to Boem, the first hard seltzer Made in Italy”comments Fedez in the stories. And Lazza to follow informs: “The alcoholic drink with fewer calories on the Italian market”.

every can, yes 330 ml, it will in fact have only 91 kcal and an alcohol content of 4.5. The launch in June and it seems that it will not be a single copy but rather a series: the rappers have in fact informed that the first flavor to come out will be ginger.

What is a hard seltzer?

The two artists have announced that their Boem is a hard seltzer, and there are also some on the official page more information about the drinkbut let’s see better what it is:

A hard seltzer is indeed one light and fizzy alcoholic drink, very popular in recent years. It is a drink based on carbonated water, alcohol and natural flavourings. Hard seltzers are often characterized by their low calorie content and slightly sweet taste. These drinks have gained popularity for being a healthier choice than other alcoholic beverages, with a alcohol content lower e less sugar.

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