The perfect match – GialloZafferano’s recipes

You can’t say you ate well if you didn’t drink well. One of the biggest challenges at the table is the right combination of dishes and drinks, so we invite you to discover all our proposals that combine great beers with intense, spicy or lighter flavors with some of the tastiest Italian dishes. Leffe food and beer enhance each other in a reference of spicy, fruity or floral notes that make dinner or lunch truly special and unforgettable. An example? Try to taste exquisite stuffed squid accompanying them with the floral, vanilla and clove notes of a Blonde. Or give your palate the licorice notes of Rouge while you tease some very tasty treats rustic meatballs. Another interesting proposal, among many, is the combination of tasty fried cod in Roman-style batter and a delicious amber beer with strong notes, with hints of orange peel. For each product, a world of flavors opens up to be discovered and enjoyed in company.

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