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Ingredients and recipe for mozzarella roll stuffed with tuna, rocket and tomatoes: an easy-to-make, colorful and summery dish!

When the heat is king, the best solution is to serve cold dishes that are quick to make. For this reason, today we will explain how to make a tasty mozzarella roll stuffed with tuna and vegetables. Obviously you can also prepare the roll in advance so that you have it ready to serve cena as a second course or for your summer appetizers.

Tuna, fresh tomatoes and rocket are the ingredients used to fill the roll. A perfect combination for a fresh summer dinner, but at the same time inviting. As you will see in this recipe we will explain how to prepare the mozzarella puff pastry, but if you prefer an even faster recipe you can buy ready-to-use mozzarella puffs. You have no more excuses, here is the right recipe for you!

Mozzarella wheel
Mozzarella wheel

Preparation of the stuffed mozzarella roll

  1. First, drain the mozzarella from its storage water, cut it into thin slices and place it on a plate lined with parchment paper. Put in the oven for 2 minutes microwave at the temperature of 800°W.
  2. Remove the mozzarella from the microwave, transfer the slices to a work surface and always onto a sheet of baking paper. Cover with another sheet of parchment paper and pass over it with a rolling pin, pressing gently. This way you will get one browse of mozzarella about half a centimeter thick.
  3. Drain the tuna well from the conservation oil, wash the rocket and dry it well, then cut the tomatoes into thin slices.
  4. Stuff the mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, tuna and rocket. Roll up the dough using the parchment paper. Put in the fridge and let it rest for half an hour.
  5. Cut into slices and serve!

For your summer dinners we also recommend the recipe for mozzarella, melon and ham skewers.

Delicious variations of the stuffed mozzarella roll

  • Mozzarella roll with raw ham and rocket: for this recipe you will need 45 g of raw ham and 10 g of rocket to add to the ingredients already present in the recipe. After melting the mozzarella in the microwave, transfer it to a sheet of baking paper. Put another one on top of e lay it all out with a rolling pin until you get a rectangular shape. Remove the overlying sheet of baking paper, stuff with ham, rocket and roll up, initially helping you with the other sheet.
  • Mozzarella roll with cooked ham and tomatoes: you will need 100 g of cooked ham, 30 g of rocket and 150 g of cherry tomatoes to add to the other ingredients. Wash and cut the cherry tomatoes into small pieces, wash the rocket and dab the mozzarella. Melt the mozzarella in the microwave and once removed, place it on a sheet of baking paper. Put another one on top and with the help of a rolling pin, roll it all out until you get a rectangular shape. Remove the overlying sheet of baking paper, place the cherry tomatoes, rocket and ham on top and roll up helping you with the baking paper.


This delicious recipe will keep for approx 1-2 days at the latest in the refrigerator, wrapped in transparent film or inside a container with an airtight lid. We do not recommend freezing.

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