The recipe for vegan Foie Gras

Vegan foie gras is one of those go-to dishes on the table during the holidays to make all the diners agree. As for the gustohas nothing to envy to foie gras of animal origin and also has 2 advantages: it is definitely less expensive and no cruel practices are used to produce it.

The suffering behind animal foie gras

The production of foie gras is prohibited in many countries of the world precisely because of the cruelties to which the animals from which it is obtained are subjected. Forced into very small cages, without the possibility of moving or bathing, an activity very dear to them, ducks and geese are force-fed to fatten their livers. Twice a day, a metal tube of 30 cm it is introduced into their beaks and then pushed into their stomachs, where a huge ration of corn is inserted. At the end of this treatment, the liver of these poor animals weighs even 10 times more than it would in nature.

Prohibited for production but not for sale

In Italy the production of foie gras has been prohibited since 2007 but not its marketing, despite, thanks to the awareness campaigns of some national and international animal welfare associations, some supermarket chains have banned this product from their shelves. The UK, for example, was one of the first countries to ban its production in 2006 but still imports several hundred tonnes of it every year.

Why a vegan foie gras

Also called fake fat, with a skilful play on words between the French terms liver (foie) and faux (faux), vegan foie gras can be a valid alternative that satisfies all palates. With a very tasty flavour, it is excellent with toasted bread and is excellent appetizer filling of puff pastry. Furthermore, it is certainly a way to approach thecruelty-free food even those who find it hard to give up certain foods.

Vegan foie gras recipe

• 80 g at night
• 180 g di tofu
• 60 g of vegetable butter
• 3 teaspoons of rice miso
• 200 ml of cooking soy cream
• 20 ml in cognac
• 3 g of agar agar (2 heaped teaspoons)
• 1 pinch of nutmeg
• 1 pinch of cloves in powder
• Salt and Pepper To Taste


We chop e let’s mix all the ingredients, except the vegetable cream, the cognac and the agar agar, which we will boil separately and which we will add last. Let’s blend everything again to mix the compound, then transfer it to a glass jar and let it cool in the refrigerator for at least a few hours. Serve on toasted bread or use the mixture as a filling vol-au-vent.

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