the recipe from Valle d’Aosta with savoy cabbage and fontina cheese

The Aosta Valley soup is a recipe from Valle D’Aosta, a typical dish based on cabbage and fontina cheese: let’s see together how to prepare it!

If you have never tried the Aosta Valley soup you don’t know what you are missing. This typical Italian recipe has as its main ingredient the savoy cabbage. Then, like all recipes from the Aosta Valley, the fontina cheese cannot be missing. This cheese D.O.P. it was even included among the 26 best cheeses in the world in 2016, which is why it should absolutely not be replaced with others, especially in this recipe!

You don’t have to imagine this dish as the usual sad soup! The Aosta Valley soup is ideal for warming up cold evenings: its rich and full-bodied flavour it will conquer you at the first taste. Prepare it following the original recipe and don’t forget to grate it in the oven!

Valle d'Aosta soup
Valle d’Aosta soup

How to prepare the Aosta Valley soup

  1. First, remove the leaves from the savoy cabbage and rinse them under running water.
  2. Break them up with your hands and put them in a pan with a knob of burro and a ladle of broth. Cook until it is completely wilted. Finally adjust the salt.
  3. Now slice the bread (or cut it into cubes as you prefer) and place it on the bottom of a pan baking tray buttered and suitable for cooking in the oven, sprinkling it with a ladle of broth. You can also choose cocottes for make single portions.
  4. Lay the cooked savoy cabbage on top, a few ladles of broth and a layer of fontina sliced. Repeat layering until all ingredients are complete (last layer should be cheese)
  5. Now bake a 180°C for 30 minutes. Serve your Aosta Valley hoe hot and stringy.

You can prepare vegetarian Aosta Valley soup by simply replacing the meat broth with vegetable broth. Also, if you can’t find rye bread, you can use rye bread durum wheat at choice. It’s a perfect dish for a mountain lunch on the ski slopes, but it also defends itself very well for dinner!

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Once cooked it should be enjoyed hot, for this reason we recommend consume it at the moment.

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