the second simple with a surprising flavor

Tender and incredibly tasty, the scottiglia it’s a peasant dish that smells of simplicity and childhood.

Typical of the Tuscany region, the preparation of this dish involves a few but well-structured steps: the pieces of meat (usually only thighs or chicken breast are used) are browned in a pan over high heat, with a clove of garlic, so that the meat juices are not lost and keep their softness; apart from the classic onion/carrot/celery trite, it is just waiting to be blended with wine and combined with the meat. It is the broth, together with the aromatic herbs, that crowns the whole dish, leaving the cook 2 hours of free time for the cooking to finish properly.

The scottiglia can be prepared either in the white versionshown here, and in the one with sauce, prepared with chopped tomatoes and concentrate, for a more intense and full-bodied taste.

Whether it is one or the other choice, both should be served in the classic terracotta pot, accompanied by two slices of toasted bread flavored with garlic.

The grilled meat it is a second course of peasant origins, the perfect dish to be eaten at dinner, during the weekend or for Sunday lunch. All the tradition and grandmother’s secrets in a single recipe.

Blanch the diced meat in a pan with oil and two cloves of garlic.

On the side, cook the chopped celery, carrot and onion, blending with the red wine and adding the aromatic herbs (thyme, rosemary, sage, nepitella or mint).

Combine the meat with the mince, with salt, pepper, chilli pepper and the lemon zest.

Cover with the broth and cook slowly for about two hours, turning from time to time.

Serve with slices of toasted bread and, if you like, garlic and pepper.

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