the sexy pastry shop that drives Italians crazy

Do you know what Mr. Dick is? The sexy pastry shop that sells waffles in the shape of penises and vaginas in Milan, Naples and Rome!

Mr. Dick is a bakery that makes waffles shaped like male and female sex organs. During the opening day, the place is always overwhelmed by many customers who wait even more than two hours to be able to taste the waffles both in locations in Milan, Naples and Rome. The owners are always more grateful to the customers for their participation, their sense of humor and also the criticisms because the shop certainly doesn’t send them to say.

Mr dick
Mr dick

What Mr. Dick sells

Waffles covered in white, milk or even ruby ​​chocolate sauce, with all your favorite additions and many fooling around included in the price.

Not only that, also lots of cupcakes in the shape of lots of vulvas and decorated by hand. Finally you can also order some hot cakes that will be tailor-made for you and your parties.

The criticisms of sexy pastry

The baba is a serious dessert, not just a chocolate penis. The Mr. Dick pastry shop, which offers sweets in the shape of sexual organs, also opened in Naples and immediately aroused controversy, as well as in other locations in Rome and Milan.

A few days after opening, there have been protests about it. The president of the Hill Values ​​Committee, engineer Gennaro Year’s Eve, said he had received a message from a mother from Vomero asking him what he should say to her daughters when they passed near the shop. The lady had also proposed a petition. This controversy is not new, as it had already erupted on social media in Salerno at the opening of a pastry shop that produced sweets in the shape of genital organs. The question of opening Mr. Dick’s confectioneries is not never gone unnoticedin fact, when a shop opened in Milan, despite the enormous success with the public, the managers were forced to cover up their sign due to the “urban decorum”.

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