the side dish you don’t expect

Anti-waste dish par excellence, celery stir-fry is a original outline which finds its origins in the popular culture of the past.
In the kitchen, nothing goes to waste and everything can be transformed into one tasty dish and with an authentic flavour. All you need is a pinch of imagination and a lot of good will.
In this recipe celery plays a marginal role: its leaves are really important, usually destined for the trash.
Nothing other than a simple one sautéed chicory: a sautéed garlic and oil, a pinch of chilli pepper for the most daring palates and the leaves to wither and take on the taste of the smells that accompany it.
I cherry tomatoes they can be added by those who prefer to give the dish a fresher note, a legacy of the summer that has just passed.

A dish that was born from the need to feed larger families, where every part of a food played a fundamental role in family sustenance.
Try them with a pinch of paprika sweet for an even more special flavour.

Cut the celery leaves and blanch them. Sauté the garlic, oil, chilli pepper and cherry tomatoes cut into cubes and cook the leaves until they wilt.
Season to taste and serve while still hot.

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