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Among the most loved and appreciated flavors, black cherry jam goes perfectly with everything, but it’s also delicious on its own.

Who knows why, only with the arrival of summer does the desire to prepare come on jams and preserves… and yet even winter can be put “under glass”, but maybe we don’t have all this interest in prolonging its duration. No more talking, let’s go back to summer and its fruits with black cherry jam.

True, it would be more correct to call it black cherry jam, but we know that often the most practical way is chosen. Disquisitions on the name aside, black cherry jam is the recipe for summer jam par excellence, what it is good alone, on bread (perhaps with a veil of butter) and in the tarts. So if you’ve always wondered how to do it, now is the time to find out. Ready to rattle off?

Cherry Jam
Cherry Jam

How to make black cherry jam with the traditional recipe

  1. First, shop top quality fruit free of marks and dents.
  2. Wash it under running water, dry it and remove the stem and, with patience, begin to pit them. You can proceed by hand, cutting the fruit in half, or helping yourself with a straw or a stoner: on the market there are also cheap ones. Using the straw is very simple, push one end towards the center of the fruit starting from where you removed the stone, if the fruit is ripe the stone will come out very easily.
  3. Then transfer the cleaned black cherries into a saucepan, add it sugar and mix.
  4. You can proceed right away cooking or let it rest for a couple of hours so that the fruit releases the juice.
  5. Transfer the pan to the heat and cook for 45 minutes to 1 hour stirring occasionally. We advise you to remove the white foam that forms on the surface with a slotted spoon.
  6. After the first cooking period, proceed with the saucer test: by dropping a teaspoon of jam onto a cold plate from the fridge and tilting it, it will have to stop dripping almost instantly or in any case do it very slowly. Be careful not to cook the jam longer than the indicated time, otherwise it will become very hard and almost gelatinous.
  7. At this point you can decide to blend the jam with an immersion mixer to make it more homogeneous or keep it in pieces.
  8. Transfer it into the sterilized jars, leaving an inch of air from the edge, close with a new cap and flip. In this way the vacuum will be formed.
  9. Once the jars will completely cool downyou can store them in the pantry.


The black cherry jam is kept in dispensation for up to one year. Once opened, however, it is advisable to put it back in refrigerator and consume it within 10 days.

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