the very quick dessert that will surprise everyone

Fragrant and scary, this Halloween candy presents itself in all its originality to enrich the tables of one of the American parties par excellence.

The preparation is simple and does not consist of complicated steps. Despite this, theeffect is amazing.

Only 3 ingredients for a very fast Halloween dessert, ready in 12 minutes: just the time it takes to cook in the oven. Puff pastry to shape your hands, strawberry or raspberry jam for a blood red effect and 5 peeled almonds so that everything is as truthful as possible.

Just get from the roll of ready-made puff pastry silhouette of a hand, stuff it with plenty of jam (but only on the inside!) and close it with another coat of dough. Dried fruit to form nails and straight into the oven to become the queen of a monstrous party!

For a wow effect, the advice is to brush the puff pastry hand with egg yolk.

In just 12 minutes you will have an original and fun Halloween dessert, not only to look at but also to taste.

Make the shape of the hand on the puff pastry twice. Fill one of the two hands with the jam, close with the other half and brush with the beaten egg yolk. On the ends of the fingers place the almonds that simulate the nails. Bake at 200°C in a convection oven for 12 minutes.

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