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Man, like all living organisms on Earth, cannot live without water. Water is the source of life, and in summer, especially in the heat, it is absolutely impossible to do without this drink.

However, not all water is healthy and safe for health. Many people like to cool themselves with “mineral water” in the summer, without really delving into its composition and rules of use. David Arutyunov and Akmal Ziyadullaev, representatives of the te Gusto company, helped us figure out what kind of water can and should be drunk. Recall that we have already introduced readers to this brand. The company produces only natural and environmentally friendly products, paying special attention to the quality and safety of its products.

Quite recently, our range of products includes mineral water, unique in its properties. To be more precise, a medical-dining room. Its main advantage is that water can be consumed not only for the treatment and prevention of diseases, but also as a table drink that quenches thirst. This is its difference from medicinal water, in which the salt content is several times higher, and therefore such water can only be consumed as directed by a doctor. Therapeutic table water “te Gusto” is safe for daily use, perfectly quenches thirst and at the same time has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, intestines, kidneys, improves metabolism and promotes weight loss!

Unique water is extracted from underground sources of a well located in Armenia in the city of Jermuk. Passing through the layers of the earth’s crust, the natural water “te Gusto” is enriched with mineral compounds and acquires its own unique chemical composition.

te Gusto is very attentive to compliance with all technical sanitary standards, so water is extracted with the utmost care and accuracy.

We were among the first to try a useful novelty, the water has a soft, pleasant, slightly salty taste with an average mineralization. The water is very easy to drink due to its delicate taste.

In the current conditions, when some European brands are leaving the Russian market, it is gratifying to find such a worthy and affordable analogue in our country.

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