Thick five-minute cranberry jam without sterilization

Thick five-minute cranberry jam without sterilization

I am happy to share a recipe that I have been using for many years. Thick five-minute jam from fragrant lingonberries is prepared without sterilization and thickeners. The berries are quickly boiled, while retaining their beneficial substances.


  • Cowberry –
    1 kg
  • Sugar
    800 Mr
  • Lemon acid
    on the tip of a knife
  • Water (filtered) –
    1 cup

Step by step cooking recipe

Sort the lingonberries, rinse and lay out to dry on a paper towel.

Pour the berries into a heavy-bottomed saucepan, add sugar and set aside for 3-4 hours.

Put the pan on low heat, add water, citric acid and boil for 5 minutes.

Pour hot jam into prepared jars and roll up. Store in a dark cool place.

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