Three simple appetizers for the holiday table

To prepare sausage rolls, boil 2 eggs, cool and peel them.

We rub the eggs on a large grater.

On the same grater we rub 100g of processed cheese.

Finely chop a small bunch of dill.

We shift it and the previously grated ingredients into a deep bowl.

We add to taste.

Add freshly ground pepper.

We mix everything together.

Then we take a slice of sausage and put on it a teaspoon with a slide of the prepared stuffing.

We turn the sausage into a kind of bag and pierce it with a skewer to fix it.

To cook Philadelphia skewers in thin strips, use a vegetable peeler to cut a cucumber.

We cut slightly salted salmon from the scales.

Cut the fillet so that its length is approximately equal to the length of the cucumber strips.

Cut it into thin pieces.

Place a slice of cucumber on a work surface.

Put the chopped salmon fillet on top of it.

And some cream cheese.

Wrap the cucumber in a roll so that the cream cheese is in the center of it. We fasten the resulting roll with a skewer.

We spread the appetizers on a dish and sprinkle with black sesame seeds fried in a pan.

To prepare a sail with sprats, boil 5 quail eggs, cool and peel them.

Cut each egg into 2 halves.

A few pickled cucumbers are cut into thin strips.

We cut the green part of several onion shoots into pieces 2 cm long. We take black bread.

We squeeze round croutons out of it with a culinary ring, a glass, or a cookie cutter.

Dry them for half a minute on each side in a dry frying pan.

Put a little cream cheese on the croutons and evenly distribute it over the entire surface.

We string a strip of cucumber on a skewer so that it looks like a sail.

On top of the croutons with cream cheese, spread the sprats tail up and pierce them with a skewer with a sail.

On the one hand, we decorate the resulting appetizer with a quail egg. And with the other 2 strips of green onions.

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