Tiramisu: what is the origin of the dessert?

Il tiramisu is an Italian excellence known all over the world, but the theories onorigin of the dessert are varied. In fact, there are several contenders for the birthplace of the delicacy regions of our country and settling the dispute does not appear simple. What is certain is that the recipe has changed over the centuries variations and today alternative preparation methods are the order of the day.

What is the origin of tiramisu?

To understand the origin of tiramisu, you have to go back centuries. According to some hypotheses, the mother of the cake could have been the “Duke Soup”, prepared in Siena for a visit by Cosimo III De Medici. Between the 15th and 18th centuries, however, ladyfingers and mascarpone were little used in Tuscan pastry making and this makes the theory less likely.

Others therefore link tiramisù to Emilia Romagna, referring to what was written by Pilgrim Artusi. Yes Science in the kitchen and the art of eating well he describes a delicacy called, however, Sweet Turin. In this one, instead of mascarpone, the was used burro. One last legend therefore looks to Piedmont and states that tiramisu was invented as a dessert to be offered to Camillo Benso Count of Cavourbut today’s knowledge of the methods of storage of the foods of the time leave room for doubt.


It is the Veneto. The roots of the dessert would therefore be traced back to the second half of the nineteenth century and to the “sbatudin”. This popular delicacy, based on egg yolks and sugar, was prepared in all homes with the addition of various ingredients. The invention of the dessert should, however, be attributed to Roberto Linguanottosaid Lolypastry chef of the restaurant The Beccherie.

At the end of the 60s, this would have revisited the Sbatudin recipe, adding the mascarpone to give substance. The name Tiramisu would then derive from dialect veneto I’m tired and would refer to the regenerative capacity of the food. A legend he even wishes that the owner of a pleasure house had created the famous dish, who would then have offered it to customers as an aphrodisiac.

Tiramisù and Friuli Venezia-Giulia

To be able to claim rights on the origin of tiramisu is also the Friuli Venezia Giulia. Here too the stories handed down are different. According to a first hypothesis, the invention of the cake is due to Norm Pielli, owner of the Hotel Roma in Tolmezzo. In fact, the Sweet Turin by Pellegrino Artusi based on egg yolk, sugar, ladyfingers, milk and chocolate. The woman would then have had the idea of substitute the butter with the mascarpone and to soak the biscuits in the coffee. Her husband, Giuseppe Del Fabbro, would instead have thought of the speaking name.

In the province of Gorizia, however, the testimonies are different and are seen as a reference to the inn At Vetturino by Pieris. Here one was served mousse chocolate with sponge cake soaked in marsala. In the 50s they would have been modified the ingredients and it would have passed to our knowledge today.

Establishing with certainty to which region the origin of tiramisu is to be attributed still remains complexbut that doesn’t detract from the taste. In the meantime, Italian excellence is gaining more and more popularity and can now boast the title of Italian dessert more famous of the world. The term it is present in the dictionaries of 23 different languages ​​and is the fifth most used Italian word in the world.

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