Tomato adjika with garlic, pepper and apples

Tomato adjika with garlic, pepper and apples

Every year I close adjika for the winter and I can’t even imagine how I can do without it at all! Recently I tried a great recipe – tomato adjika with garlic, pepper and apples. This is something incredible! Fruits give a wonderful aroma and slight sourness!

Step by step cooking recipe

Cut the apples into quarters and remove the seeds, disassemble the garlic into cloves and peel.

Grind apples, hot peppers, garlic and tomatoes in a blender.

Pass the resulting mass through a sieve to get rid of the peel and seeds.

Mix everything in a saucepan, add butter, sugar and cook for 40 minutes over low heat.

Pour ground pepper, salt and pour in vinegar. Boil for another 10 minutes, remove from heat and roll up.

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Olga Beznosyuk

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Olga Beznosyuk

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