Tomato paste from tomatoes at home for the winter

3 cans of 350 ml
Tomato paste from tomatoes at home for the winter

Homemade tomato paste is a natural base for your culinary masterpieces. Add it to gravies, pizza, meat and first courses, use it to prepare your favorite sauces. The recipe does not involve long boiling, but only tomatoes are in the composition!

Step by step cooking recipe

Use ripe fleshy fruits to make pasta! So, rinse the tomatoes well, lightly dry and, if necessary, cut off all the defects.

Pass the tomatoes through the juicer. Press the cake additionally 5-6 times.

Place the tomato juice in a large cooking pot and heat for 5 minutes. Thickness and foam will rise to the surface. Remove the saucepan from the heat.

It’s time to share a life hack on how to do without the long evaporation of moisture from tomato juice. Everything is very simple! Strain the hot tomato juice from the pan through a very fine sieve – the unnecessary liquid will drain, and the thick we need will remain in the sieve.

Place the remaining tomato mass in a saucepan and boil for 20-30 minutes over low heat under a lid. Don’t forget to stir occasionally! After the specified time, the paste will become thicker and slightly change color.

Pour hot tomato paste into pre-prepared sterile jars, seal tightly, turn upside down, wrap and cool. Store the cooled workpiece in a cool, dark place.

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