Tomatoes in their own juice without sterilization for the winter

Tomatoes in their own juice without sterilization for the winter

Tomatoes in their own juice are popular with many housewives. It is convenient to open a jar, serve tomatoes on the table as a snack, and use the juice to make sauces, gravy or dressings for borscht. Convenient and economical, I advise you to try!

Step by step cooking recipe

For this preparation, we need two types of tomatoes: small fleshy tomatoes for whole canning and ripe juicy ones for making juice. So, wash the small tomatoes, make several punctures with a toothpick in the area of ​​​​the stalks so that the skin does not crack during the cooking process.

Fill sterile jars with prepared tomatoes not very tightly.

Boil the water and pour the tomatoes in jars with boiling water. Cover jars with lids and let cool. Then drain the water, pour the tomatoes again with new boiling water. I advise you to measure the amount of liquid drained in order to know how much tomato juice is needed to fill the jars.

Rinse and chop the tomatoes for juice, then pass through a meat grinder or use a juicer.

The resulting tomato juice can be additionally rubbed through a sieve to get rid of the seeds. From the indicated number of tomatoes, I get about 2 liters of tomato juice. If you have less juice than you need to fill the jars, dilute it with a little boiled water.

Pour the tomato juice into a cooking pot, add salt, sugar, peppercorns and bay leaf. Mix everything, bring to a boil and boil, removing the foam, for 15 minutes over medium heat.

Drain the water from the cans of tomatoes and fill them with boiling tomato juice to the top. Banks roll up, turn upside down and cool. Store the cooled workpiece in a cool, dark place.

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