Traditional oil – GialloZafferano’s recipes

What’s better than rustic bread, sliced, slightly warmed and drizzled with a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil? Few other things. The oil, even in more elaborate dishes, is always a fundamental element that determines its success. In fact, not all oils are the same and knowing the different types and characteristics helps us in choosing for our preparations. For example, unfiltered oil is the one that undergoes less processing, cold extracted and bottled after a natural decantation phase, it manages to keep all its properties intact. An oil that is not only more full-bodied, but also richer in polyphenols, the oil’s natural antioxidants. It preserves the richness, full fragrance and lively intensity of flavour, allowing us to rediscover the authentic taste of tradition. Excellent both raw and for preparing long-cooking recipes. We take you with us on this extraordinary journey to discover flavours, tradition and innovation.

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