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Honey is a valid ally for the health of our body. Let’s find out together what are the types of honey and their properties

It’s easy to say honey. This amber colored fluid substance encloses all scents of nature. It goes without saying therefore that depending on the areas and flowers on which the bees land, the flavor and properties of honey change.

There are varieties of honey more or less valuable, with a more or less sweet flavor and different aftertastes. Experts are even able to understand the area of ​​origin of a honey just by tasting it. How is this possible, you ask? You must know that honey contains, albeit minimally, the pollen of the flowers on which the bees landed. This modifies its flavour, giving it different aromas from time to time.

Types of honey
Types of honey

Types of honey and properties

The various types of honey differ from each other not only for the taste, but also for color, viscosity and healing properties. Let’s find out the most popular ones together.

Acacia’s honey. It is one of the most widespread varieties thanks to its sweet and delicate flavour. Light in color, it is perfect for fighting stomach acid or as anti-inflammatory for the throat.

Orange honey. Its acidic flavor recalls that of citrus and is perfect for fighting agitation and insomnia.

Chestnut honey. Dark in color and with a bitter taste, it is perfect for combating inflammations of the urinary tract.

Wildflower honey. As the name suggests, it is a honey whose scent and flavor varies according to the flowers present near the hives. It goes without saying that an alpine honey will be very different from a central/southern or lowland honey.

Linden honey. With a dark color and an intense flavor with a menthol aftertaste, it is perfect for fighting cough and cold.

honeydew honey. It is the only honey not produced from flowers but from tree honeydew. It has a persistent flavor reminiscent of fresh vegetables.

Among the less common types of honey there are: sulla, rhododendron, dandelion honey, lavender, sunflower and rosemary honey as well as the highly prized kanuka honey.

Try an unusual way to use this ingredient: risotto with honey.

How to use honey in cooking

There are many ways to use honey in recipes, both sweet and savory. Of course it is much simpler in sweets, just replace it with sugar in equal weight without forgetting to decrease by about 20% the quantities of the other liquid ingredients in the recipe.

As for savory recipes, however, it is used to activate the brewer’s yeast (1 teaspoon will be enough) and more. Perfect for making sweet and sour marinades with the addition of salt, spices and soy sauce for flavor. You can also make sauces and gravies. For savory recipes we advise you to use a delicate honey that is not too strong in flavor as it would easily cover all the other tastes.

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