Types of courgettes and courgette flowers

Hard to say for sure how many types of zucchini are there. It is one of the most common vegetables related to pumpkins and thanks to their versatility and ease of cultivation, there are native species almost in every part of the world. The variety of zucchini they share a delicate flavor and almost all of them can be eaten both raw and cooked. Between various types of zucchini more common, the external part is also eaten which is not a real peel precisely because it is edible and rich in nutrients which make this vegetable a faithful friend of our body. The types of zucchini they correspond to as many cooking methods: steamed, fried, grilled, stuffed, pan-fried, in the form of purées, omelettes or velvety soups, breaded, and perfect for preparations with other ingredients such as parmigiana.

Typical of the spring season, when courgettes arrive on our tables it is also time for courgette flowers. Also call yourself courgette flowers, these very delicate inflorescences are really tasty and in some regions of Italy they are ingredients that have given life to traditional recipes such as stuffed courgette flowers typical of Campania. Zucchini flowers are very delicate and perish easily and quickly, so when spring begins you have to stock up on them. I am excellent raw on first courses based on rice and pasta, but they are also perfect for garnishing pizzas and focaccia with a touch of freshness. Then there are the stuffed courgette flowers which are prepared with ricotta or mozzarella and anchovy fillet. The petals are rolled up on the surface and fried in olive oil. Also excellent Pumpkin In Batter flowers, naturally fried and to be eaten piping hot when they are still crunchy. Together with the courgette flowers, in the warm season (actually from June to October), you can also find the tenerumi. These are the leaves and sprouts of courgettes which are considered waste parts, but which in Sicily are highly appreciated in soup with tenerumi.

Here is an insight into the most common types of courgettes and courgette flowers to know and try!

Green zucchini

These are the most common courgettes, the ones you will find in the supermarket all year round and which don’t taste great unless you decide to buy them in the summer when they are in season. Sizes may vary slightly, but their exterior is smooth and shiny dark green.

Round courgettes

They vary from an intense green to a very light green and are characterized by their perfectly spherical shape. Their taste is sweet and delicate and they are perfect for filling and baking.

Clear zucchini

These courgettes are perfect for preparing soups and velvety soups, they have an extremely delicate and sweet flavour. They also go perfectly with fish, especially raw, precisely because they don’t tend to overwhelm the delicate light flavours. Among the excellences of this species we find the vegetable courgette of Faenza.

Florentine long courgettes

These courgettes have a streaky and irregular skin. These are thin, long courgettes with a more intense flavor than the more common green ones. They are perfect fried and added to first courses.

Trumpet courgettes

It is one of the gastronomic excellences of Albenga, in Liguria. It is a courgette with a singular shape that resembles a trumpet. These are spring zucchini, clear and with a smooth and very delicate skin. Their flavor is delicate but characteristic, they are ideal in risottos and vegetarian dishes that require very quick cooking.

Yellow zucchini

Very popular lately, yellow zucchini are very scenic but do not boast a great flavor. They are sweet and delicate, perfect for preparing creams and soups but also for giving a touch of color to your salads.

Sicilian courgettes

It is called a courgette, but it is a real pumpkin. The Sicilian courgette is green, long and of considerable size, it has an extremely smooth and clear external part covered by an imperceptible hair. Perfect if stewed with tomatoes and oregano.

Trieste white courgettes

It wears this name precisely because of its soft coloring. Its delicate flavor makes it perfect for raw consumption in the form of carpaccio or salad, but also to give crunchiness to pasta or rice-based first courses.

Zucchini patisserie

This is a courgette of French origins and is so called precisely because its shape resembles that of a small pastry. You can find it in yellow, green and deep green colors. Good if steamed or stuffed and cooked in the oven.

Crookneck zucchini

It is a not very common courgette with an unusual lumpy appearance. Its origins are Anglo-Saxon and its flavor is particularly sweet and delicate.

Courgette flowers

Zucchini flowers vary in their size, but all have yellow petals. They are mainly obtained from clear or green courgettes and their flavor is very delicate. Before consuming them, it is preferable to remove the pistil inside. Be careful when you wash them because they are very delicate and could break.

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