University of Cambridge, students vote for 100% vegan menus

The students dell’University of Cambridge they are ready to twist their meals and ask for menus exclusively vegans. The stop to meat and derivatives remains, for now, only a hypothesis, but the vote offers a strong sign. Young people appear increasingly attentive to sustainability and the request fits inside a path coherent. The soil appears fertile elsewhere too, and theItalia may soon be at the forefront.

Cambridge University students for vegan menus

The University of Cambridge could be on the verge of a food revolution and the protagonists of the future are precisely the students who want to opt for exclusively vegan menus. To show oneself in favor of the total elimination of carne e derivatives from canteens and cafeterias it was the 72% of the Cambridge Student Union, a student representative body.

The vote came after four weeks of consultations and there is a percentage of abstentionism significant. The initiative was promoted by la Cambridge’s Plant Based Universities Campaigna movement promoted by a collective of students and supported by Animal Rebellion, to which about forty universities in the United Kingdom now adhere. The decision rests with the vertices administration of the University, but i negotiations I’m already starting up.

Towards vegan

The proposal by Cambridge students to serve only vegan menus within the University facilities does not come as a bolt from the blue. The University has already demonstrated in the past that it is very attentive to sustainability. With the motion, the members reiterate that the fight against climate crisis and the preservation of biodiversity remain priorities. In the 2016 Cambridge had already eliminated la from meals Red meat and that of lamb.

The current policy provides today, then, of to promote the plant-based alternatives, to exclude the pesce coming from an unsustainable supply chain from the menus and to limit as much as possible waste. Student representatives feel, therefore, today that they have received a “strong mandate” and are determined not to stop.

And in Italy?

The request by Cambridge University students to opt for 100% vegan menus is not unique. Many young people show themselves be careful the importance of reducing the environmental impact of universities throughout Europa and theItalia is no exception. MenoPerPiù, an initiative promoted by Being Animals, has similar objectives. To make lunch breaks more sustainable, the project managers turned to the universities asking that at least the 50% of the menus become vegetable.

In this perspective DSU Tuscanythe regional company for the right to university study, has launched a real transition greens. In fact, the canteens now offer a 100% vegetable first and second course, as well as side dishes. The total elimination of meat, which is part of Mediterranean dietalbeit in moderate quantities, still appears to be out of reach.

The determination with which Cambridge students have chosen to move towards all-vegan menus has been met with general approval admiration. In a world where a third of the emissions produced are attributable to intensive breeding and cultivation, each step forward represents a goal. Several structures still do not opt ​​today for such radical measures, but the attention given to biological, km0 and short supply chain is constantly growing.

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