Unusual salad recipe for the new year 2023

Recipe photo: Unusual salad recipe for New Year 2023

Step by step cooking recipe

For the bottom layer of salad, rub 200 grams of cheese.

Add a little mayonnaise and garlic, I took dried.

We put a glass in the center of the plate and spread the resulting cheese mass around it, forming a wreath.

For the next layer, rub 200 grams of ham and spread on top of the cheese.

We cover with a mesh of mayonnaise and distribute it over the entire surface.

The next layer is large carrots, we also rub it and spread it on top of the ham.

Next, grate 2 boiled eggs.

Put on carrots.

Salt and cover with mayonnaise.

For the final layer, cut into straws 3 pcs. kiwi.

We spread them on a wreath, completely covering the entire surface.

Once everything is laid out, we take out the glass.

For decoration, lay out parsley or cilantro leaves and half a walnut on top of them.

Sprinkle with lingonberries, I took frozen.

Everything, the salad is ready.

It is not only beautiful, but very tasty.

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